6 TV Common Problems and How to Fix them

Tv is the common appliance in every house. As usage increases, then there are common problems with the TVs. An expert technician is required for a few tv repairs, and for a few common problems, you can fix the issue. Nowadays LED tv and LCD tv are common in every house. Here are some common problems your TV might encounter and ways to fix them yourself.

Strange colors and weird flesh tones

Even new TVs can have this problem where the colors and skin tones are wrong. This problem is probably because the parameters have been defined for the environment of the showroom. In the image menu, you can change the mode to natural. You can manually set the contrast, color, and brightness or reset the white balance and color space settings to the default.

Internet will not connect

New and smart TVs come with an Internet connection via a wired or wireless connection. The Internet gives you access to YouTube, Netflix, Hot star, Amazon Prime, and so on. Yet, this feature only sometimes works suitably. If you have changed your Internet service provider, have just installed the TV, are having server problems, or have a power failure, you may have connection problems. When the technician installs the tv, try to connect it to the Internet. That way, if there is a problem or if you need help connecting it, you can get your questions answered immediately. If it works for a while and suddenly stops, you can connect the TV to the router via Ethernet and install the updates before trying again. If something else is needed, contact the manufacturer of your TV.

Occasional Picture Pixelation

If the picture on your TV sometimes breaks down into squares, and when there is fast movement, it sometimes freezes. You may wonder if the problem is with the TV or the cable connection. It could be one or both. If the problem is due to a weak signal, an amplifier can be used to reinforce it. If there is a cable problem, you can ask a technician to examine it, and he may need to install an amplifier online.

Display White Outlines

No, your TV is not possessed. When people or objects have artificial white edges, there may be two possibilities: the sharpness of your TV is too high, or your TV uses some edge enhancement processing technology. In the settings, move to the picture menu. Then set the sharpness manually till the outline disappears. If edge enhancement is enabled, you can try and disable it in the service menu.

Patch of different color displays on the screen

This problem is usually due to magnets in the speakers, which are probably positioned too close to the TV. Move the auxiliary speakers slightly away from the unit and check if this solves the problem.

TV sound problem
  1. Ensure the HDMI or audio cable is properly connected to the TV, receiver/headphones.
  2. Ensure the TV is set up to output sound from your source device.
  3. Make sure the source device produces compatible sound.
  4. Try different audio cables.
  5. Check if other devices can play on the receiver.
  6. If the receiver works for something, contact the technical support of the receiver manufacturer.
  7. If the receiver works for other devices, contact the support of the TV repair service center.

Your TV is an investment, so if something is wrong and you can't seem to fix it - it's always a good idea to call in the experts at the TV service center near me.

If you are facing common issues with the home tv, Please go through this blog hope you will find the solution. Get an experienced technician at your doorstep, and you can solve all your TV Repairs.

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